Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FIF Challenge & CPS Challenge...

Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  I know I had fun!  I got to spend more time with my husband in 3 days then I did all week!  So it was good for me.  Saturday he had to work, but I got to hang out with him at his office while he did.  Sunday he had off work and we hung out by the pool for a bit.  Monday he had to work, but it was a short day for him.  All in all it was a good weekend! 

Yesterday I managed to get 2 cards done for challenges!  I was super excited!  I feel like I haven't done anything in forever.  Last week was NUTS for me, but things should be getting back to normal work-wise.  I'm starting a new shift, so I have mornings off and can get some things done.  I don't know how long it will last, but I think I might like going in at 1230pm and getting off at 6pm.  We'll see...

Anyway....onto the cards.  Both of them are for fathers day, but this first one is for the Flaunt It Fridays Challenge.  The only rule was to use the Robotz cartridge.  I was super excited about this one, bc I have been dying to use this cartridge.  I have used it for font, but not the cute lil robots.  So here is what I came up with....

I'm finding it a little difficult to match up the shaped cards "perfectly."  For this card, I added a white layer on the inside so you can write in it.  It's showing more then I would like.  Any advice on that is welcome!

-CTMH card stock - Goldrush, Twilight, White
-Black card stock is from WalMart
-Robotz Cricut Cartridge - Robot cut at 5.5" in height using Gypsy
-Stickles - Black Diamond
-Pink by Design stamp set - Our Fathers (inside reads "hope your special day measures up")
-CTMH ink - Black

This next card is for the CPS Card Sketch Challenge.  Here's what I came up with....

-Card 4.25"x5.5"
-CTMH paper pack - Magnifique
-CTMH Ink - Pacifica, Lagoon & Sky
-CTMH button - blue assortment
-Ribbon - eBay
-Imaginisce gems (used i-Rock)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Kitty Card...

This has been a long friggin week for me!  Yesterday I thought was Thursday and was super excited that tomorrow would be Friday...but had my happy bubble quickly burst when I found out it was ONLY WEDNESDAY!!!  :(  Today I keep thinking "tomorrow is Saturday"....grr....I just wish I could get with the program!  I'm not getting enough sleep and then waking up super early for work.  Been a bit crazy.  My days haven't been bad....rather slow actually.  That's probably why I think it should be later in the week then it is.  I haven't seen my hubby except for 2 hrs on like Tuesday.  It's been a little too nuts for me and I'm ready for the week to be over with! 

Anyway...Yesterday I got my package in the mail that I have been waiting on.  I ordered Everyday Pop-Up Cards and got Hello Kitty Greetings and Baby Steps for free!!!  I was supposed to get Hello Kitty Font instead of Baby Steps, but they ran out, so they sent me that one instead!  I'LL TAKE IT!  :D  I've been dying to get the Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge for a long time!!  I used it today to make this quick card....

This is a 4.25x5.5 card.
Hello Kitty is cut at 4" (didn't use gypsy this time. it was busy being updated.)
I used Scrollwork Cuttlebug folder.
I won the arrow brad from somewhere.
All cardstock is CTMH.
 Star Dust stickles was used on her bow and nose.
Pink Sorbet twine was used from the Twinery.
 Pink by Design stamp set - Animated Greetings.
CTMH Ink - Black & Bubblegum around the edges of card.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Card & Challenge Entry...

It's been a rough day for me today!  I'm working the 630-330 shift for my co-worker who got married on Saturday and is having her honeymoon this week.  The same one that didn't care for my cake that I made her.  I'm having to wake up at 5am every morning.  You would think that it wouldn't make much of a difference to me since I typically get up at 6am anyway.  I guess it's that extra hour that helps!?  I didn't sleep very well last night and then had a hard time getting up this morning.  It didn't help that it rained today too.  We only have 6 babies right now, so I'm trying to enjoy that as much as possible.  Although we do have one that gets held a lot at home so he's our difficult one and it makes it seem like we have 8.  I'm so glad we have 3 teachers in there now, bc I would probably go insane.  So then when I leave work today my car won't start.  It was just the battery, but it just so happens that my hubby is out of town tonight.  Perfect timing, right?  *rolls eyes*  At least I got some quiet time and craft time!

My niece turned 3 on Saturday!  Bitter sweet for me.  I miss "my" kiddos like crazy.  My nephew is 8 and a crazy lil man and I was with him for the first 2 years of is life.  Then I got married and moved away.  :(  Those were the two best years ever and that lil man kept me sane while my hubby was in bootcamp and he'll probably never even know.  My niece was born while I was living over in Oki.  I got to meet her for the first time when she was 7 months old.  At first she didn't like me much, but, as most babies do, she quickly fell in love with me.  Almost every time I go to visit, it takes her a few minutes to warm up to me.  I love them both like they were my own. 

Anyway....She is really into the Disney princesses right now.  She was Tinkerbell for Halloween, so I decided to make her this card.  I started it on my lunch break and finished it after work...This is also being entered into the CPS Sketch Challenge #219.

-Card is 4.25"x5.5"
-CTMH Daydream paper pack.
-CTMH Blush ink (for distressing the oval), black ink for stamp
-Pink by Design stamp - Animated Greetings ("I TINK you're sweet")
-CTMH stamp - Little Princess ("happy birthday little princess" stamped inside card with Blush ink)
-Imaginisce i-rock tool and studs (pink)
-Star Dust stickles (wings, shoes)
-"Happy Birthday" ribbon (ebay)
-Disney Classics Cricut cartridge (Tinkerbell - cut at 3" in height)

Have a fab evening everyone!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Creative Outlet....

Hello everyone!  I hope everybody's doing well!  I had a wonderful visit with my mom over Mother's Day weekend!  She was really excited about her wine glass that I made for her.  I made her breakfast in bed, which has been tradition since us girls (there are 4 of us) were little!  She enjoyed that, since she got it twice.  Two of my sisters that live with my mom cooked her an early Mother's day breakfast before she headed out here to see me.  So that was cool for her! 

Over the past few weeks, I have been putting my creative efforts into something else.  Some of you know that I was the winner of the Cricut Cake on My Pink Stampers website!  (THANKS AGAIN!)  I FINALLY got to use it when I found out we were hosting a small shower for a co-worker.  I was so excited to do this cake.  I wasn't going to make it 2-tier, but the hubby said that I should show off and could possibly get some clients out of this.  So I did and I made it a bigger deal then I should have.  The girl said "thanks", but she did NOT really appreciate the work that I put into it.  I made this for her for free and felt like I wasted my time and efforts on her.  Such is life, I suppose....but I won't do that for her again.

6" Yellow cake
9" yellow cake
white Wilton buttercream icing
fondant tinted with Wilton sky blue and AmeriColor navy blue, marbled
gumpaste tinted with AmeriColor navy blue
white gumpaste
Cricut Cake Cartridge: Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art (border & "B") & Cricut Cake Cake Basics (butterflies & doily)

This next cake I got paid to do!  This was my first paid job and I LOVED it!  It was for a co-worker who hosted a baby shower for her friend.  She loved the cake too!  When I told her I was using a 3D bear that would sit on top of another cake, she kinda freaked out.  So her nervousness made me nervous!  But I did it anyway and I love how it turned out! 

Wilton 3D bear cake pan (cake is chocolate) - 6-2/3c cake mix
9x13 sheet cake (cake is marble) - 4 boxes makes 2 layers
2c buttercream icing tinted with AmeriColor brown (i added cocoa to give a hint of chocolate)
White buttercream icing (i originally made 12c and then just when by the recipe for the amount needed to cover everything)
I used AmeriColor Rose Pink (for ears), Black (for nose and mouth) and Brown (bear fur)
Fondant tinted Wilton sky blue, green & yellow cut in with Wilton square cookie cutter for quilted top
Gumpaste tinted with Wilton sky blue for "BOY" & I used Robotz cartridge for the font
I used Wilton candy melts (green, blue, yellow, white) and a Wilton mold for the candies around the cake


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Projects....

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted anything!  I am so very sorry for that!  I have been crazy busy with work, bc ppl are getting let go and ppl aren't showing up for work.  So I've been covering shifts for ppl, which means extra hours (boo!) but more money (yay!).  That also means I didn't have time last week to post anything.  This past week I have been cleaning out our spare room for my MOMMY!!!  I get to have her all to myself for Mother's Day weekend!  SUPER AWESOME for me!!!  I haven't seen my mother on Mother's Day in quite a long time.  The last time I got any time with my mom was in August 2010.  So I'm planning on having an awesome week with her!!! 

I wanted to share some projects that I have made in honor of Mother's Day.  I had purchased some glass etching cream off eBay quite sometime ago.  I was a bit nervous to use it.  The first project I did was on Valentine's Day.  I made a beer mug for my hubby.  So I decided that I wanted to make stuff for my family members.  I made candle holders for my aunt and a wine glass for my mom.  For my grandparents (and since Father's day is in June) I made them matching beer glasses that they can also use for other drinks.  I'm also making a beer mug for my dad.  I couldn't decide what to make for my sister, so I don't have her's done yet (oops!). 

I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased all these glasses and candle holders.  Check um out.....
I used several Cricut Cartridges and vinyl to make these.  I know I used the Mother's Day 2010 for the wine glass.  I used Accent Essentials for the candle holders.  Unfortunately, I can't remember which cartridge I used for the initials in my grandparents glasses.  But I did use my gypsy to weld the crown with the "R". 

This is for my mom....

 These are for my aunt...
 These are the matching glasses for my grandmother and grandfather...

I don't have the beer mug for my dad done yet.  I ran out of the etching cream.  So I'll have to order more of that. 

This is the bag I made for my mother's gift w/ card....
I used CTMH card stock.
Cartridge: Mother's Day 2010.

I do have one more project to share.  Sorry this is so long, but I was working on stuff...just hadn't had time to post.....This is an 8x10 scrapbook page for a friend of mine.  Her baby goes to the day care that I work at and I fell in love with her baby from day one!  She's a 17-y.o. mom and doing the best she can.  She's had a hard time and she doesn't have much support from her family.  I wasn't sure if anyone would do anything for her, so I made this page for her to put a special pic of her and her baby in here.  I did put it in a frame, but didn't take a pic with it in the frame. 
For this page, I used CTMH paper pack Wings. 
Buttons: CTMH
Brads: CTMH
Twine: Twinery - Charcoal
Stamps: My Creative Time & Pink By Design

This concludes my post....I am SO SORRY it's so long!  I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS!!!