Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Creative Outlet....

Hello everyone!  I hope everybody's doing well!  I had a wonderful visit with my mom over Mother's Day weekend!  She was really excited about her wine glass that I made for her.  I made her breakfast in bed, which has been tradition since us girls (there are 4 of us) were little!  She enjoyed that, since she got it twice.  Two of my sisters that live with my mom cooked her an early Mother's day breakfast before she headed out here to see me.  So that was cool for her! 

Over the past few weeks, I have been putting my creative efforts into something else.  Some of you know that I was the winner of the Cricut Cake on My Pink Stampers website!  (THANKS AGAIN!)  I FINALLY got to use it when I found out we were hosting a small shower for a co-worker.  I was so excited to do this cake.  I wasn't going to make it 2-tier, but the hubby said that I should show off and could possibly get some clients out of this.  So I did and I made it a bigger deal then I should have.  The girl said "thanks", but she did NOT really appreciate the work that I put into it.  I made this for her for free and felt like I wasted my time and efforts on her.  Such is life, I suppose....but I won't do that for her again.

6" Yellow cake
9" yellow cake
white Wilton buttercream icing
fondant tinted with Wilton sky blue and AmeriColor navy blue, marbled
gumpaste tinted with AmeriColor navy blue
white gumpaste
Cricut Cake Cartridge: Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art (border & "B") & Cricut Cake Cake Basics (butterflies & doily)

This next cake I got paid to do!  This was my first paid job and I LOVED it!  It was for a co-worker who hosted a baby shower for her friend.  She loved the cake too!  When I told her I was using a 3D bear that would sit on top of another cake, she kinda freaked out.  So her nervousness made me nervous!  But I did it anyway and I love how it turned out! 

Wilton 3D bear cake pan (cake is chocolate) - 6-2/3c cake mix
9x13 sheet cake (cake is marble) - 4 boxes makes 2 layers
2c buttercream icing tinted with AmeriColor brown (i added cocoa to give a hint of chocolate)
White buttercream icing (i originally made 12c and then just when by the recipe for the amount needed to cover everything)
I used AmeriColor Rose Pink (for ears), Black (for nose and mouth) and Brown (bear fur)
Fondant tinted Wilton sky blue, green & yellow cut in with Wilton square cookie cutter for quilted top
Gumpaste tinted with Wilton sky blue for "BOY" & I used Robotz cartridge for the font
I used Wilton candy melts (green, blue, yellow, white) and a Wilton mold for the candies around the cake



Tisha said...

Very awesome!! They both turned out fabulous!


Adrian said...

Beautiful cakes, u rock!

Tami B. said...

You are a lady of many talents! These are both great and both recipients SHOULD have loved them and appreciated them. Looking forward to seeing more of your cakes.

Pat N. said...

Wow!! Your cakes are beautiful. Wonderful job, and that bear is outstanding. You did a fantastic job, and I don't know how anyone could not see that!--Pat N.