Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gettin' Better....

Aww!!  You guys make me feel so loved!  Checkin' up on me and all your kind wishes to get better!  Means a lot to me that ppl I have never even met wish me well! 

Well....I am feeling better!  Not 100%, but I have gone back to work and coughing is the only thing left to get rid of!!!  Now I'm playing catch up to get my house back in order...which kinda stinks, but I'm just doing a little at a time!

Since I don't have a card to share I have decided to share a project I did for my hubby for Valentines day.  It's the first time I've used the etching cream, but I LOVE it and now I want to make so much more!!!  I've already got plans for Mother's day and Father's day!

But here's what I did.....

I etched a beer mug!  LoL!  I unfortunately don't remember what cartridge I used for the font or design.  But I did use vinyl for the template.  I also know that  should have left the cream on longer then 10 minutes bc the mug is pretty thick!  But it was my first time and I like the way it looks and my hubby was pleasantly surprised too!  I got the mug at one of the dollar stores and they had tons of glasses of all sorts.  So, I think I'm going back to get more and have a blast!!!