Saturday, July 9, 2011

Christmas In July....

Hey ya'll! 
OMGoodness!  My life has been a very big mess lately!  Nothing really bad, just so crazy busy that I don't even know what day is what.  We've been on the hunt for a house since I got back on June 26th.  I mean...I've been looking everyday since that day.  We found one that we wanted and when we went to go write up an offer, we found out it already had a contract on it.  So I started looking again....We finally found THE ONE and put an offer in for it on Saturday and it was accepted.  YAY!  So now we're in the big process of getting the loan official and getting inspections set up and all that crazy mess that comes a long with buying a home.  :(  That part I don't like!  But anyway.......

I managed to find some time to make a cute card today.  I'm not 100% sure what I think of it.  I mean, I think it's cute, but I feel like something's missing....Let me know what you thing.  I need to get a jump start on Christmas cards since I know 2 family memebers (at least) will be purchasing packs. 

This card was actually made yesterday.  I couldn't get my stinkin computer to load the pictures.  Grrr....But here it is nonetheless.  ENJOY!

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