Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Owner...

We closed on the house yesterday!!  YAY!!!  I'm super excited to be a first time home owner!  Everything seemed to work out better then planned (other then getting a rental truck and movers)!!!  We paid less in closing costs then we thought we would and we found renters for the apt, so we don't have to pay a full months rent!  WOOHOO! 

On a sad note, I think I slept wrong or something, bc my shoulder/neck is killing me.  It hurt so bad yesterday that I really couldn't function.  I was supposed to help the hubby get started on moving stuff, but I just had to take a sleeping pill and motrin and go to sleep.  It's a little better this morning.  I was able to pack up some more things.  Like my Cricut (booohooo) and the rest of my craft room.  :(  So I won't be able to post much, if anything, for a few more days.  At least until I can get my room set up.  Perhaps that's the first room I'll work on....then I can procrastinate on unpacking the rest of the house....*insert evil laugh*  JK!  My hubby would die if I didn't get it all done. 

Anywho...just wanted to through that out there, so that you all would know what's up.  Have a good weekend!!!


Tami B. said...

Yay! congratulations on the house! I know how exciting that is. Hope your neck/shoulder gets better real quick, but with all the moving & unpacking you're gonna be doing I kinda doubt it. Post pics of that new craft room soon.

TyTynNiyasmom said...

Congrats on homeownership! It's great thing.