Saturday, January 8, 2011



January 14 is my mommy's birthday!  I don't get to be with her, but in honor of her birthday I made this cutsie "Happy Birthday" bear card.  My mom loves purple and green together, so those ar ethe colors I used, along with red, which is her favorite color. This one I will be sending to her and I made another one, slightly different, to keep.  I wanted to have this up last night, and I almost did, but the hubby called me to pick him up from work earlier then I had anticipated.  Therefore, once again, all things were dropped to go hang out with him some.  I'm trying to have something up about every other day.  I don't want to give the hubby an excuse to fuss about all my scrapbooking stuff.  LoL! 

Below is the cute bear card....

~Bear and Accessories - Create A Critter cartridge.
~ Purple card stock is from Close to my Heart - Purple Pansy
~Design card stock is from Scenic Route.
~String for balloon is from the 100 Yen store in Okinawa, Japan (but I'm sure it's the same stuff you can find here at WalMart)
 I used Stickles for the eyes, nose and mouth - Cotton Candy, Pink, Black Diamond.  I think it turned out cute.
 I used my cuttlebug to create the "happy birthday" embossing for the background of the card.  I used the Purple Pansy Close to my Heart marker to make one of the "happy birthday" pop out. 


girlia said...

Very nice card. Happy Birthday to Jan. Babies

Paula said...

Really nice. I love how you colored on e of the happy birthdays-great idea! Happy birthday to your Mom. I have a January birthday as well so thank you for the warm wishes. :)