Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Squirt, sprained ankle, mini albums....FUN STUFF!

 Good afternoon, ya'll!  I had planned on putting up a project last night...buuuuuut.......I had somewhat of a crazy evening.  I had my job interview yesterday morning at 10am.  I didn't know that they were all showing up later, bc of some icy weather.  So I was 10 minutes early and ended up sitting there for about an hour before they actually got around to interviewing me.  I didn't really care that much, but it's not typically good for you to keep potential employees waiting like that.  Doesn't look good.  I also had my weight loss meeting last night and weigh-in.  I LOST 5.2 lbs!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  So excited about that.  That leads me to my crazy evening....I was on a high from losing that much and was playing with Squirt, my lil Chihuahua.  I was trying to avoid stepping on him and ended up rolling my left ankle and I really thought I had broken it.  It hurt and I heard crackling, and them my foot went numb for a minute.  I went to the doctor today and found out that it was just a bad sprain...not happy that I can't really work out, but SUPER glad it's not broken!!! 

This is my lil guy when I first got him at 8 weeks.
 This is my lil guy at almost 5 months.

I would also want to share a project that I did for my sister.  I made 2 mini-albums for her of my niece and nephew (who stole my heart the moment I found out she was pregnant!!).  It was fun, but challenging, since I had to hunt down pics of my nephew.  I basically did a timeline of each of their lives.  Since my niece was barely over a year old, hers wasn't that hard to do.  They each had 12 pages and the albums are 3" x 3". 

I loved him at this age!!!  He was just so sweet!!! (he just turned 8)
She is a lil snobby Diva, but I love her like nothing else!!! (she'll be 3 in May)
  I used 2 cardboard-ish type coasters that I purchased at the 100 Yen store in Japan.  They are kind of similar to chipboard, but not quite as stiff.  They use them as recyclable coasters.  I used CTMH paper to cover the 2 coasters completely.  I believe the coasters themselves were a little bit larger then 3" x 3".  For the pages, I cut various colors of CTMH card stock at 3" x 3".  I believe the pics are cut at 2" x 2" and the paper behind them is just an 1/8 of an inch larger.  Then I just decorated each page with various embellishments.  I used my eyelet hole punch to make the holes in each upper left corner.  I did place eyelets in each page and on the front and back cover.  I then used a key ring to hold all the pages together.  The key ring is one that snaps shut (not your typical key ring) and I also got that in Japan. 

I loved doing this project, bc I don't personally have kids and that's what I like to scrapbook.  So I tend to adopt other peoples kids.  Haha!  So if you become my friend and have kids, I'll probably end up claiming them as well!  Hehe!


Dina said...

wow sounds like you had quite a day! Hope you feel better! Your puppy is very cute! Love your project! I just ordered the bind it all,I am so excited to get it! tfs! Dina

Carina said...

Your Puppy is very cute
I am a follower

crazy for cricut said...

Hi! I do like the your story alot! I did win the new version 2.0 bind it all on ebay and am very excited to get it! I am making a little scrapbook for my daughter with the your story and love that I can laminate the pictures! This is also brand new to me, but it is very easy to use! I think the bind it all is very different and I cannot wait to get it! It comes with a video as well. Let me know what you decide! Hugs! Dina